Leak Repairs

Regardless of a roofs age, roof leaks can occur. Roof leaks can develop shortly after installation or over a period of time and for many reasons. Aduddell Residential and Commercial Roofing’s new roof warranty will address any workmanship issues for a period of 5 years. We offer not only leak repair service but a full roof repair, inspection, and maintenance service program.

Tear Off/Re-Deck

The term tear off/re-deck means to tear off the existing composition roof installed over a wood shingle roof and then remove the wood shingles exposing the roof substrate, normally a nominal white wood 1×4 spaced 3 ½” known as skip deck is installed. It is then necessary to re-deck the roof area with 4×8 plywood with or without a foil face (radiant barrier) or an oriented strand board (OSB). Aduddell Residential and Commercial Roofing specializes in tear off/re-deck. Rest assured if your home requires a tear off/re-deck, our experienced roofing crews will expeditiously transition your home from comp over wood to a solid deck new roof installation.

Ventilation Analysis

Ventilation is often overlooked in the roofing process, however proper ventilation of the attic is an integral component of the roof and the roof structures longevity as well as health considerations and aide in energy savings. Whether your roof is going to be replaced or your existing roof is in good condition, proper ventilation is a must. Call today for a ventilation analysis. You and your home will breathe easier.

Property Management

The Aduddell Residential and Commercial Roofing Inc. professionals work with numerous properties management firms to ensure their assets are protected. We will work with you to develop preventative maintenance programs, repair programs, or replacement programs. These programs allow you to budget for the unknown and ensure that your property remains in the best condition.

Custom Tile & Slate Design

The professionals at Aduddell Residential and Commercial Roofing Inc. can work with you to develop a dramatic look to your home or place of business that will set it apart for years to come. We have the experience to know which products will work best in various situations. We have also worked with color and landscape designers to ensure that the roof is an extension of the overall design quality of the project. Over 40% of your homes curb appeal lies in the roof. Let us work with you to create a real “masterpiece.”