Anna Takemire’s roof is back in business.

“I’m just so thankful,” she said.

Von Aduddell got the supplies donated and he and his crew pitched in the labor saving Anna thousands of dollars.

“She’s very special,” he said. “She knew my mom when they were teenagers.”

Anna’s touched many lives.

She taught Von in elementary school and spent decades creating lasting, meaningful bonds with her students.

“Just knowing I’m paying back something I was given years ago, some instruction from someone who really cared and loved her job,” Von said.

Anna’s not taking any of it for granted.

She’s even forgiven the men who damaged her roof in the first place.

Remember, she was out running errands when a group of guys jumped onto her roof with pitchforks and started ripping up shingles.

A neighbor reported seeing the men in a blue van.

Since airing our investigation last month there have been several sightings of roofers in a blue van around Bethany.

We have a tag number and cell number.

We turned over our findings to Bethany police.

They are actively searching for the men.

Again, this whole thing went down in Bethany near NW 23rd and Council.

If you’ve seen these roofers and their blue van around town, call Bethany police.

OKLAHOMA CITY – Anna Takemire did a double take.

There are big chunks of her roof that are ripped up.

We know there was a storm that moved through the area the night before.

“I thought it was strong wind,” Anna said.

Von Aduddell is the one who put on Anna’s new roof four years ago.

He says there’s no way it is storm damage. 

“All together there’s 122 feet of ridge that has been pried loose with a pitchfork,” Von said.

We found pitchfork marks all over the roof.

Anna wasn’t home, but a neighbor says he witnessed three men in a blue van pull up and climb onto her roof with tools. 

They did thousands of dollars in damage.

Von can only speculate about what happened.

“They came to the wrong address and just got started and there were three of them probably waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive and I think somebody called them and said where are you why aren’t you at this job,” he said.

There are few leads to go on, but there was one clue that really caught our attention.

One of the roofing bandits left behind his Texas Longhorns hat.    

Anna’s an OU fan and not amused.

“I wish he’d come back and get it,” she said.

The In Your Corner bottom line is Anna’s roof was in good shape and now it’s not.

She’s in good hands with Aduddell Residential and Commercial Roofing.

“We’ll see if we can keep it from costing Anna,” Von said. “I think we can work that out.”

This whole thing went down in Bethany near NW 23rd and Council.

If you’ve seen these roofers and their blue van around town we want to hear from you.

Shoot us an email or call our hotline.